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Navigating Menopause with a Coach: Your Accountability Partner for Success

Are you looking for support and guidance on your menopausal journey?✅💚👍 As someone who has experienced the ups and downs of menopause firsthand, I understand the challenges and complexities that come with this transition, and for me these transitions still evolve daily... Experiencing menopausal symptoms, excess weight, low energy, gut health issues, sleep deprivation, bloating, stress, relationship struggles, fatigue, increased appetite, and poor diet while intermittently using supplements and prescription medications can have various costs. 😭😥💰Not only financial, but emotionally, socially and physically too! That's why I'm here to be your accountability partner and coach, providing valuable information, tips, and secrets to help you navigate through this phase of life. Thinking of cost - what is it really costing you not to have support... my clients Claire said: "Loma, the support you give is pricless, my health, wellbeing, happiness and drive to move forward is more important than ever before!"

The bio-psycho-social connection is crucial on this journey, and having a coach by your side can make all the difference. In our free and informative private Facebook group, we create a safe space to ask questions, share experiences, and support each other. We believe that having the energy to reach your goals, try new things, and take the next step is just as important as considering your gut health and food choices.

Are your food choices aligning with your health and wellness goals? Shifting your mindset from viewing food as "good" or "bad" to understanding them as positive or less optimal can truly impact your overall well-being.

Join our private group to learn, grow, and thrive as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Let's support each other, embrace positive changes, and empower ourselves to face menopause with confidence and vitality. Together, we can navigate this phase of life with grace and resilience.

Join us today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

I teach Menopausal women, 50+ to reclaime their life, increase their energy and improve their gut health.🎆🎇 💪

Are you menopausal and 50+, and are you struggling with:

Lack of energy, movement restrictions, and persistent fatigue attributable to weight and inflammation concerns.

✅Boosting Energy Levels: Uncover the link between nutrition, energy, and movement, make food choices that fuel vitality, and revitalize your daily routine with empowering dietary habits.

Gut health issues like bloating, constipation, diarrhea and discomfort with certain foods.

✅Understanding Gut Health: Explore how different foods affect your gut, identify triggers for bloating and discomfort, and learn to nurture your gut ecosystem for lasting wellness.

Being overweight and experiencing joint pain due to inactivity and an inadequate diet.

✅Empowering Healthy Choices: Discover the impact of food on weight and joint health, embrace mindful eating habits, and make informed decisions to support a vibrant, active lifestyle.

High inflammation levels affecting your overall well-being.

✅Balancing Inflammation Naturally: Educate yourself on inflammation triggers, adopt an anti-inflammatory approach to eating, and empower your body to heal and thrive from the inside out

Disrupted sleep patterns. Hot flashes and night sweats.

✅Enhancing Sleep Quality: Dive into sleep hygiene practices, create a sleep-supportive environment, and nourish your body to promote restful nights naturally

✨🎈If any of the above statements resonates with you, we will be excited to have you in our community! Let's thrive together! 🥰

Click, and join us! 👇👇👇

Let's share your successes in healing your gut health and overall wellbeing. Increased energy levels allow us to sing, dance, move, laugh and reach our desired goals! 💜🧡

Remember – “What we focus on improves.💯‼


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