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Supplementation has become vital

Updated: Apr 30

Ask anyone what fuels the human body and they will tell you"food". Unfortunately with the western diet, not everything we consume is actually considered real food. Statistics show that over 43% of menopausal women have obesity, and the challenges that promote these staggering rates, and barriers to effective treatment, are multifactorial. Another research study compared menopause symptoms for women at a healthy weight to women who were either overweight or obese and found that three symptoms got progressively worse as women’s size increased: hot flashes and night sweats, muscle and joint problems and bladder issues. Scary statistics!

With this in mind, how can you change your current situation?

Don’t just think of weight loss, which is difficult during menopause! Think of your cell communication, are you feeding and fuelling your body, or are you adding to the problem by eating unhealthy food.

Here are two of my favourite quotes: ( keep them in mind when you eat…)

"Everytime you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it."

"A womens health can be judged by which she takes two at a time – pills or stairs."

Through my struggle with menopause the last few years there are two products that I have used that have made all the difference! I have to admit that I tried other products too, with no benefit, but I have been on these two for months now with great results!   (This excludes my turmeric-concoction that I prepare myself, and you can too – see older blog posts)

1.     Plus:  This is by far the best kept secret out there, healthy support for your hormones – it supports balanced health and keeps your spirits high.  A game changer for hot flushes and brain fog, but also supports bone and colon health.  Formulated to keep your endocrine system healthy. (men can take it too, as they also have hormones…)

2.     Ambrotose:  Everything you want in one supplement! Improved brain function, immune support, better digestion, improved mood, decreased irritability.  Supports cell communication through a blend of specific plant saccharides called Glyconutrients.  Glyconutrients refer to 8 plant monosaccharides: galactose, glucose, arabinose, glucosamine, mannose, xylose, rhamnose, and fucose. (We do not find these in our Western Diet any longer, a major deterrent to our cell communication)

For both of these products real food technology is used, therefore “capturing” nutrition from nature.  Targeted nourishment for your cells, derived from plants.

What I like more about these two Mannatech products is that they are beneficial for my whole body, and not only for my menopausal symptoms. (Hair growth, nail growth, skin appearance,decreased sugar craving, increased of energy levels, better sleep)  

I believe there is a place for chemical drugs, but I would rather use natural products where beneficial!

Products can become costly, when ordering these I rather think about adding money to my food budget – as it is not a substitute for anything it is real food  added to my diet! With fabulous benefits!

These producs will never be sold in store, so feel free to use the link below to buy yours online. It can be delivered to your front door. Products currently available in 37 countries but with the luxury of Shop-and ship, you too can order and receive it!

PLEASE feel free to reach out for more information, on WhatsApp +971 588329752 or schedule a Zoom call for more relevant discussions.  I am happy to share my results and solutions.  There are other valuable Mannatech producs to use as well, I have suggested my top 2 only for the purpose of the blog.

My success can most definitely become yours too!


Supplementation has become vital

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